A helical TALE protein molecule wrapped around a double helix of DNA.  TALEs stands for “Transcription Activator-Like Effectors”, they are produced by Xanthomonas bacteria when entering a plant cell.  They manipulate the host cell by switching on certain genes that make the plant cell more susceptible to infection.  TALE subunits bind to the nucleotides of DNA in a 1:1 ratio, and each subunit has a pair of amino acids that is specific to a single DNA base.  This enables the TALEs to recognize specific DNA sequences and activate them.
Animation rendered from PDB file 3UGM with qutemol.
1 minute
Follow one row from the beginning to the end.This is 1 minute of your life (ca. 40 million minutes).
1 minute can pass fast. 1 minute can pass slowly. It depends on your actual situation/conditions (even your body temperature).
Feel the time for a minute.
Botanist, Charles Plumier (1646-1704)

Bernhard LeitnerImmaterial Arching: Circular Space1971-73Sound tubeThe inward arch of a passage architecture.The construction of this tone tube from eight wooden posts with four loudspeakers attached to each was used to research parallel lapsing tone spaces. The loudspeakers are programmed transversely to the direction of walking. Whether Swaying Space, Circular Space or Arched Space: they do not refer to one single person but are measurable and can be experienced in the total length of the tube.
Wild bees and flowers. Illustration from ‘About Bees’ by Rev. F. G. Jenyns
Published 1886 by W. Gardner, Darton, & co. in London .                  
Assortment of beetles from the Museum of Natural History’s Entomology Department.
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